Rule # 3 When Buying Insurance

The purchase of insurance is to protect you from catastrophic loss but you also want to protect you and your family in the most economical manner possible.

Rule # 3- Don’t Risk A Lot For A Little

Sometimes, when you do your risk evaluation, the potential loss is big, but the cost of insuring against it is cost prohibitive. Take Long Term Care insurance; the potential cost of nursing care is very large, but if you have health problems and are over 75 years old, then the cost of insurance is probably too expensive. But, there are many circumstances where there is potential for a very large loss, but the cost to cover it is minimal. An Umbrella policy, for instance, provides catastrophic liability protection. A $1,000,000 policy might cost a couple hundred dollars a year. (You can get a much higher limit of Umbrella coverage if needed.) In essence, the third rule states that there should be a reasonable relationship between the risk of the loss that is transferred to the insurance company and the cost involved in transferring the risk.