Game Day Party Safety

Football season has arrived. The time for parties, food and fun has commenced. All across the United States, fans are joining in their team gear to cheer them to victory. Because let’s be real. They wouldn’t win a game without our inspiration and killer play instructions.  When that much competitive spirit fills the air, it is important to also consider safety. As the party and the team spirit grow, the risk of an accident grows as well. Following these simple steps can help you avoid having a Game Day Party Foul!

  • Keep grills a reasonable distance from houses or vehicles.
  • Fully extinguish the hot charcoals before packing the grill away.
  • Inspect your deck for loose boards or anything that compromises the structural integrity.
  • Inspect step railings and handrails for sturdiness.
  • Keep valuable possessions with you at all times or locked in your vehicle out of view.
  • Confirm a designated driver before consuming alcohol.
  • Keep sharp utensils away from and out of reach of little ones.
  • Keep combustible or paper materials away from hot surfaces.
  • Wipe up spills immediately