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Auto Insurance

Distracted driving is leading to more accidents than ever before. In a society where people are constantly in their vehicles traveling for work or rushing to the next activity its no wonder that auto accidents are on the rise.  Auto insurance policies are designed to provide protection for you and, with an endorsement, to  your vehicle from the smallest fender-bender to the biggest catastrophe. While auto insurance may seem more cut and dry than some other lines of business, there are still plenty of options available to the consumer. We will walk you through your options and provide you with coverage that will protect you and provide peace of mind as you take to the roads!



Telematics Programs 

A few of our carriers are addressing the uptick in auto accidents by adding Telematics programs. The auto industry as a whole has had to increase rates to keep enough premium to pay the ever increasing number of claims in the last several years. Telematics programs are designed to give consumers a true rate based off of their specific driving habits. Most carriers offer an initial discount for opting into their program and the chance to earn an even greater discount by practicing good driving habits. These programs are not necessarily something to shy away from and in some cases can provide a fun challenge between family members.